she believed & he came !!!


She was that girl, who was given full freedom to choose her life, make her own decisions & live life according to her will & wish.?At times, she did choose the correct way to travel. Certain people did help her to cross the hurdles, while certain people just watched & waited for her to fall. People she then believed taught her a lesson. She learnt all of them,without any hesitation.?

She believed...?
She believed when she took her decisions;?
She believed when she ended with confusions.?
She believed when people let her down;?
She believed when she stood alone.?
She believed when she was hopeless;
?She believed when everything went out of focus.?
She believed when troubles came in like a storm;?
She believed when she failed to perform.?
She believed when no one stood by her;
?She believed when she became a looser.?
She believed when trust burnt her alive;?
She believed when nothing helped her to survive.?
She believed when god replied pain;?
She believed when there was no gain.?

She believed....?

And..... One day, he came as!!!
?He came as her best decision;?
He came & cleared all her confusion.?
He came to lift her, every time she fell down;?
He came & she never had to stand alone.?
He came to build her hopes;?
He came & taught her to focus.?
He came to drive her through those storms;?
He came to support her in whatever she performs.?
He came & stood by her;?
He came & since then she was never a looser.?
He came to trust & let her stay alive;?
He came & she learnt to survive.?
He came & she was never alone to take the pain;?
He came & she slowly saw gain.?

He came...?
He came from no where,?
With a character she could never compare.?

She loved him in every way she could,?
Coz he was the replica of nothing but good.??

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Not just a poem. It is a story of my life till date.