She Calls Me Ana

There she is, just sitting, alone, poking at her lunch,
I kept telling her that it would all be alright,
I was there to help her achieve her goals.
She loved to hate me,
I was that constant voice that she said haunted her
told her how to clean up her messes
Sure made her life more difficult than she probably bargained for,
It wasn't by either of our choice for me to be involved.
This other group of people insisted on telling her she was fat,
ugly, out of control, and a loser.
Sending her pictures, of what she should look like
if she wasn't a complete cow,
a reject or could even gain a bit of self-control.
Putting her in a position
where she felt like she had no control over her own self.
Diminishing her self-worth,
confidence and self-esteem.
I told her she needed to take control,
stop listening to everyone else,
the empty threats, the accusations, the worriers
So I told her she need only to listen to me
I would tell her she needed to control her urges,
control herself in tough situations.
She calls me her friend,
Honestly I'm a secret friend,
Hidden from her family
Hidden from her friends,
She calls me Ana. Devastating .

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