She Can See Me

Drifting away from the world
feeding tubes and rhythmic monitors
my only companions
soon to be free of these plastic tethers
the bags are full of brown and yellow

My spirit carried off
like a balloon on the breeze
soaring high above distant memories
tiny dots across life's landscape
unimportant and trivial

Gently passing through
a crumbled asphalt roof
into that family home
finally saying goodbye
to the one who never left

Quietly padding from room to room
her tortoise fur reflecting in dusty light
weaving through the legs of grey jumpsuit men
dodging the foreman barking orders
my feline friend is at a loss

I find her in the corner, trying to be small
dilating pupils with precision focus
a playful kitten in a body
as old as mine
howling and meowing with joy

She pounces and bats
at what she can only see
dangling a string of ectoplasm
that she chases in a circle
flips and somersaults ensue

The haggard workers can't help but smile
one of them opts to take her home
smiling with relief, I depart on my final journey
knowing she will be loved
until I can cradle her in my arms again

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