She couldn’t let him go

he just didn't know
that she couldn't let him go
though time and time she tried
but every time a piece of her died

she just couldn't say good-bye
for she knew he was the
other part of her soul
the only one that has
ever made her complete

so she held on tight to
all the sweet memories
wiping the tears as she cried
and never once did she give up

although her family told her he
would never be worth
the wait or her love
she held her head up high
believing faith would bring
him back her way
for she knew it was true love
she held so deep

but then days turned into months
and she began to question her tears
and started wondering if it was just lust
that she felt

but just in time he came back into her life
all her thoughts vanished with her frown
and all her tears have now turned in to joy
for they sit there hand in hand planing
there wedding day

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