She Didn’t Know

She knew she was a handful; not trouble but a challenge.

But he had tried to see all of her, knowing she was damaged.

So to protect herself, the arena of the game she played;

Became the everyday setting of the two; a heavy smoke grenade.

He pushed in; she pulled back and in an endless circle they ran.

She knew he would tire of her and leave. That was the plan.

But she didn't know it would happen so soon.

She got the impression that to her antics, he was immune.

But that day as she walked away, he just said okay.

Averted his gaze; walked in the opposite direction of the maze.

She didn't know it would hurt her so bad.

A sharp intake of breath she just had to have.

She didn't know she would feel regret from her game.

She never lived by regret; it was truly a shame.

But she didn't know he was changing her into someone dependent.

All her life she had grown up alone; independent.

She didn't know she would miss him this much.

She didn't know she would miss his cold touch.

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