She Finally Let Go

People said she would soon disappear altogether.
They noticed her life wasn't getting better.
It was actually getting worse,
like her whole life was just a curse.
She couldn't stand having no control
of her life disappearing slowly down a black hole.
At one time, she had hope,
but she soon came to the end of her rope.
She had lost almost everything in her life,
cutting her deep with wounds like a knife.
The deeper the wounds, the sadder she became,
which hurt her so bad, she would never be the same.
She finally let go.
She saw the meadow
of her lost hope and dreams.
Or at least, so it seems.
Maybe she never lost them.
Maybe they were always just around the bend.
Whatever the case, she was finally free.
The fog of life cleared, letting her see
that she never got the chance to say goodbye
before she was lifted to the sky.

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