She Flew With Her Own Wings

Sliding into my autonomy 
Such precision is likened to watching the flow of silk.
The waves, the paradox of something so delicate and soft - the deepest malaise drowns me lower and lower
swimming within, without
Duality is boundless
Through each frangible, intricate fiber of this fractured, earthly body
The fibers stretch and crack while serpentine intentions and harsh hands shatter me into a million fractals
You have the power to coil down inside my entire being
Devolving into a lacuna
A slave 
Molding into a piece of salacious currency.

You take a bat to my mirror and just…
As time is to a construct
I dissolve into a pixelated polar vortex
A weight you could not wait to have upsurge beyond your shoulders
An Afterthought 
A puzzle piece 

You pulled off my wings.

I am but a contraction in perfect devastation of breathing space - no more.
When I’m small 
You say I have weak wrists and reduce me to a memory of where I once was whole. 
Happy endings are few and far between.
I endure the blood slowly in flux.
As I continue to hang upside down, I bend the knee to every man’s whim.

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Key Words : Assault, trauma, immersive, confession, abuse

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Unpacking years worth of trauma and assault.