She Got Away

By TarshaT   

She's walking down the street minding her business going to the store. He's staring at her and she's wondering what he is looking at her for. She continues to walk along as he whispers to her"come here." He then walks over to her and she reluctantly speaks out of fear. "Hey what's up, he says "I've been watching you for awhile." Confused she says "OK" and tries to walk away with a smile. He grabs her by the arm and says "come on let me talk to you." She wonders what does he want and what is he up to. He walks her to the back which he says is his secret spot. She realizes he had other plans and a simple talk this was not. He gives her an innocent smile as he pushes her against the wall. Tries to kiss her and she screams stop but no one could hear her call. Now he gets upset and says "you're going to give me what I want." He reaches for her zipper as she cries to him "please don't." It becomes s struggle and she is fighting to get away. Thinking to herself is this really happening so she closes her eyes to pray. He continues to try and force himself to enter her special place. She reaches for her keys and manages to scratch him across the face. Finally she's free and she runs all the way home. Someone was there so she takes a hot bath and goes to her room to be alone. All these years have passed and she still has nightmares about this day. Never told a soul from fear of what they might say. The scars she endured are a reminder that she put up a good fight. But nothing can erase the memory of one of the worse days of her life...

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