She: Haiku of Love

She: Haiku of Love

Steps from the shower
Droplets of water on her skin
How I envy them

Tiny rivulets
From wet hair trickling downward
Scurry from the towel

Then, grasping with hands
In youth, hungry and urgent
Now grasping with heart

The curves of her hips
How my hands perfectly match
They invite my touch

Smooth, lithe and supple
Resilient and forgiving
In mind, heart, and soul

I, watching her move
Engrossed in her pure essence
Cannot find my voice

My eyes drink her in
She, unaware of my gaze
My mind absorbs her

I know every inch
Every turn and every curve
Every bend and every bow

Sensing in darkness
As in brightest, brilliant light
I see without seeing

The small of her back
It flares from beneath my hand
Welcoming my touch

Standing behind her
My arms enfold and beckon
She presses backward
Arching to my mouth and hips
I feel her breathing

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