She is

Soft as a whisper,
her aura exudes calm,
A peaceful presence,
like a soothing balm.

Graceful as a dancer,
her movements light and free,
She glows with radiance,
like the sun on the sea.

She is a garden of laughter,
A warm embrace of love.
The sun in her eyes,
And the stars in her hair above.

The earth bows to her presence,
As she walks with power and pride.
Her voice like a gentle breeze,
That carries positivity far and wide.

She is the beating heart of life,
A force that never dies.
A warrior, a goddess, a queen,
With endless joy that flies.

Her spirit shines with vibrant light,
Happy and bold, she's quite a sight.
But when she's mad, oh, fiery bliss,
A flaming force you can't dismiss.

A ray of sunshine, she brightens the day,
Her heart is kind, in every way,
Her spirit playful, always having fun,
She's small but mighty, like a loaded gun.

Emotions overflow, her passion abounds,
Her voice rises high, with a joyful sound,
Blessed with love, she spreads it around,
A precious gem, that's how she's found.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem about my friend and how I see her as a person. She has insecurities about herself.