She is a Indian women

She gave me life, She is a wife
She is a mother...she is a friend
She is a sister ...A survivor to the end.

Appreciate her, we don't dore ask her worries, of course we don't care....
Wipping away her tears...are invisible as air...

She works, She cooks
She laughs, comforts and hide her pains...when you struggles, She pulls you out
All this she does...and what we do?!?!
Complaint and create a mess...
Provide stress ..leave her to feel depressed..
Push her away..and ignore advices..
She is tortured and abused
Told she is nothing and always will be used,
And lastly newspapers enrolls
..A woman is raped!!!!
She swallows her pride...
keep her feelings aside
Ignores your ignorance, tolerated your taunts....
Still you call her a bitch, characterless and fraud!!!

You call her nothing..
I call her strong,brave,smart,sensual,caring tolerant and powerfull...

I call her a INDIAN WOMAN!!!

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