She is Broken

If anyone knew her pain,
What she locks inside.
No one would question her.
Her smile is what hides
all that pain deep inside.
She's afraid to tell you
how she feels and
what she knows.
What you did to her
all those years ago.
The reason she was so depressed
after your son's birth.
She put up with your bull shit
for so damn long it has taken a toll
on her happiness.

Don't you remember dumping her
getting back with her
just to break up with her
the next day?
Don't you remember
being such a jerk to her?
Only around your friends?
Why do you think
She stayed with you for so long?
and sometimes she thinks
she still does?

Remember those nights
when she was asleep?
When you'd call the other girl
and tell her you love her?
She wasn't asleep
She heard you...
And yet she stayed...
All that time she stayed
because she swore she loved you.
She made up excuses like
"She's just a really good friend."
That was bullshit and we all know it.

Oh do you also remember telling
your friends not to be with
her because she slept with her
And that time you and her got back together
and you two walked with the rest
of your friends to tank n tummy?
What was it you said?
"I forgot you were here."
She went off on you...
To you she was just a piece of ass,
A pretty face...
and now she pays
every day, every night she cries
Because these scars will not fade.

Every time she sees you
She dives back into that dark hole...
twice a week she feels this pain...
And twice a week she has to tell herself
"For my son I must go on."
That's the only reason
She lives......

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