She is my inspiration

By Dooli   

Two doors waiting for me in a corner
Face is a crescent and hands swaying
Ushering me to them is not flowers
Why my rocky guide is also in a corner?

Monsters and devils trying to ruin my day,
Floor is lava and no hand to lend my way,
Eyes pleading and coaxing me to stay ,
But I won't give up just like that day.

A lot more days to shed sweat,
A lot more sharp knives to stab,
But "tiring" is just a word
When you two live in my heart.

Everyday, I dream how you mature
Your voice echoing in that familiar hall,
Your fingers running on a white body
People calling "she is my inspiration".

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Key Words : Girl , Ambition , Inspiration

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This Poems Story

Well, here these two doors basically refer to my two dreams. They are smiling and waving their hands at me. They are swaying their hands in the air not for fun but telling me to approach them. The path to them is not consisted of flowers but rocks which obviously represents how tough my journey is. Here I have said the two doors are located in a corner and yeah that\'s to show my dreams are underrated by people. To be honest, by Sri Lankans. Even though my journey is tough, people underestimate me saying I\'m taking everything easy. No wonder monsters and devils are the people who are around me. Plus, they deserve to be called as monsters and devils as they demotivate me. Lol. \"Floor is lava\" is a game we all love but what if lava really exists to interrupt your journey?? Perhaps, in a different guise as money. Nowadays everything depends on money so without money we cannot go forward. Just imagine going abroad. Damn it. I need to overcome all these circumstances if I want to go forward yet there\'s no one to lend me a hand. These reasons are totally enough to give up on my dreams isn\'t it? But I won\'t. When I utter that , my two dreams plead and coax me saying everything will be fine. Just like that day means the time I was doing O/L (an exam in my country) I hope you understand the first two lines in the 3rd stanza which basically tell I have to do lot more hard works and there will be lot more harsh comments on my journey which is more like piercing my heart with a knife. I will be exhausted but it\'s just a word when I remember that my two dreams live deep inside my heart. Everyday I dream how my dreams get matured. As I gradually get closer to them, they seem to be grown up. Well, the last three lines show my future self. My voice echoing in a hall. The reason why this hall is familiar to me is because I hope to do my higher studies in that university. And later...Not want to mention it now. In another place, my fingers running on a white body. The white body refers to an instrument. Try to guess. And people calling me that I was there inspiration. :)