She Is Not Alone

She comes home to an empty house
She's tired from her day at school
Tired of the bullying and the pain
She's tired of suffering every day
Her father doesn't care
He doesn't have time to spare for her
She's stuck in her thoughts
She cries herself to sleep
She feels all alone
If no one cares for her,
why should she care about herself?
Shes caving in
Wondering if God is with her
Then she sees two footprints in the sand
God and she walking through her life
But through her darkest times,
She only sees one set of footprints
She asks God why He had left her through her darkest times
He says, "Those footprints are mine,
I carried you through your darkest times."
"You are not alone," He says,
"I will always be with you"

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