She Is Nothing

She often smiles and puts on her happy face.
Inside she's dying; slowly being torn down one piece at a time.
What she wants doesn't matter.

She thinks it should be obvious to others; no one notices.
Maybe if she loses more weight; will they see it?
Or if she mentions her struggle in a message to the man she dated.
Maybe stop trying with her son's father. He never liked her anyway.

Why was she never enough?

Not enough to receive her Dad's love.
Not enough for her parents' attention during her childhood.
Not enough for the man she married to want their baby.
Not enough for God to send her a man that truly loves her heart.
Not enough to have family surround her and give her love.
Not enough for real love, ever; alone and not enough.

No one notices. Will they notice if she's gone. Will they cry?

They'll cry. Why didn't they pay attention?

She will slowly fade away, one day at a time. No love. No life.

She is gone. She is Nothing.

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