She is Revealed

Waiting where she finds herself, in another time.
Her eyes are graceful, and magnificence surrounds her and signifies that she has dignity in abundance.
For her, there is no place that she may be, other than always to herself and with them.
Lying flat on a stone floor she commits atrocities of her own.
Longing for a burden to release her from reality, she loses faith in a broken way.
After long she becomes destroyed, her soul is dust.
With prayers maybe someone will tend to her shattered peices, and collect her dissolved memories.
Her name is creation.
Her life is that of reborn.
Her might is never weakened.
She is her worst enemy, and
her best friend is herself
She is revealed.

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Key Words : Relationship, trauma, abuse, abusive, inspiring, inspirational, true, heartbreak

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This Poems Story

I\'m an empathic person. Certain people inspire my creativity with their emotions and I\'m able to put their feelings into words. This poem was written while I was befriending a woman who had been living a rough life.