She Is Rose Scented

Dark Green.
Green like the tea but SWeeter.
But not so sweet that you gag or get sick of it.
The kind of sweet you could go without but you'd rather not.
So you keep your treat until it's no longer available.
The two flowers reflect on the past.
It's rose scented and slightly sad.
And their eyes depart the same time they meet.
Because what can you say when nobody really knew.
And what do you do when you still need it.
But there's nothing to give, therefore nothing to take.
And that scent of rose has long left the building.
And the building has been destroyed.
In it's place something new has been built.
But you are left outside.
And now you wait, watching for a light to turn on.
Or for the bracings to crack as it collapses in on itself.
But you are far away so how can you even tell whats going on.
Your signal is weak and someone stole you phone.
Man down, where're losing him.
Green eyes come in, do you copy?
His eyes are shut now, and all the windows too.
Inside they spray new perfumes
Long like her hair, but she cut that too.
And then you cut you.
But that was a one time thing.

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