She is Tragic

By Jess   

No one hears her cry
The drastic pain of a tragic fear
Never understanding the dreadful reason why
That gives her the ray of darkness through her tears.

She lets her thoughts travel through her mind
Which her emotions become her mauler
The color of her scars use to drip of red
The only true never ending color.

Can’t overlook the one she lost
The one who eased her stress
Even her hopes began to toss
Leaving her life to rest.

Her heart seems broken
But her heart shows the color of the season
Life becomes a choice of words never unspoken
The hurt she feels but her art gives her a reason.

She’s just a girl with a memory of a broken heart
That causes her to turn negative
She feels like her world is falling apart
They call out her problems
Which her pictures pain the answer to be affirmative.

She cried every night
Never to be seen
The girl who was never right
The happiness in a painting that leaves her mean.

The whispers in the dark
Vivid gloomy days
The hurt in her heart
When she cries her color of red seems to fade.

Year by year she sheds more tears
The darkness in her mind
An abundance of fears
Slowly makes her blind.

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