She Knew Me

You know the feeling when taking a swallow and you cannot speak?
As if a crowd of city people are in a stampede.
Push right, push left... through arms & heads!
Where the hell is the exit?
I found it last night getting out of her bed.
Afraid of words not even said

Walking in a alley with no Entrance door.
Stepped over a body or maybe a dog
Kicked a few bottles on the concrete floor
Wishing I was on that lake sitting on that old big log
Thinking of that girl that won't get outta my head
Afraid of words not even said

Yeah, she knew me
She knew all about me
Better than I have known myself
She could pick the right suspect if in a line
If only she was just mine

Out on our porch sipping on some wine
Watching the kids splash in the pool
If our love was some crazy mystery crime
She be holding the knife and those pool kids be hiding the guns
I be gone, I be on the run
Afraid of words;
I am done.

Yeah, she knew me
She knew all about me
But baby, you knew yourself more
Adios, por amor

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This Poems Story

I wrote it as a country song & sent it out, but 500 dollars too much to get recorded.