She Makes Me Feel Alright

She messaged me. I think it was a late Sunday night.
"Hey, are you still up?" she asked. I swear,
Every single time I'm online she's off, except tonight I guess.
"Maybe"I respond hoping it sounds funny. I
Add a winking smiley face hoping she'll laugh,but I'm
Kicking myself a second later, realizing how dumb it is.
Even so, she says"Haha what's up?." Maybe I am funny.
Sometimes I think I over think things, but I'm not sure.

Man, I haven't talked to her for a few weeks.
Even when I have, it's just been for a little. I love talking to her.

For hours we talk about nothing at all, but that's what I love.
Everyone always seems to want to talk about everything.
Every single conversation needs to be stimulating.
Lauren isn't like that. We can just talk without pressure.

A lot of the time it's hard for me to connect with people, as if
Loving and trusting other people is quantum physics or something.
Really putting my faith in someone is almost impossible for me, but
If I had to trust someone, it would be Lauren.
Girls like her are hard to find. People like her are hard to find.
Having to say goodnight to her is probably the worst. I'm
Thinking I kind of like her.

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