She Once Loved A Monster

He doesn’t see the beauty in her and now he never will, chance after chance why does she still love him still?
He’s like poison running through her veins.

She gives him everything and in return-
he consumes her with both his darkness and his lies.
He’s like a deadly poison with every
drop her heart slowly dies.

The longer she stays with him hoping he’ll change-
the more things stay the same.
It’s become an everyday struggle for her to even speak
his name.

He's been this way for a long, long time it’s become the only thing
he knows.
He has completely drained her and it slowly starts to show.

She’s left questioning not only herself-
but also her worth.
She walks around with self pity, at a constant war with herself-
and all she has put forth.

She has tried to scrub his negativity and lies off-
her delicate dead skin.
Her mental state has been completely shaken to it’s core like-
an earthquake thinking of how it could have been.

She doesn’t know who she is anymore so she sits and cries hoping-
for him to come back.
Knowing he’ll neglect her again but he’s all that she has and -
that’s a fact.

She is completely broken down, emotionally destroyed, and her heart-
has been neglected in which she trustingly gave to him.
He can do nothing, say nothing, she has grown tired of his lies and -
the sick games he keeps playing with her head.
He wants her back but she is to-
emotionally dead.

He screams in pain and cuts his wrists as he tries to call-
her trying to win her heart.
But she doesn’t answer and she -
never will.
As she is finally over him and ready for a fresh start.

He will never get over her, constantly-
thinking of her.
She is ok though.
She is no longer afraid of monsters, because she once-
loved one.

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