She rewrote my life

Her arrival brought me happiness
Her presence brings me peace and relaxation
Her smile gives me hope for the future
Her hugs makes oxytocin to flow in my body
She rewrote my life

Few weeks ago I was in pain and sorrow
Had no gratitude for life
She's the light in my darkest days
She enlighten the dark in me
She rewrote my life

She empowers me to succeed
When I close my eyes, I see her face
Loving her is a fate
She comfort me, when life has beaten me up
She looks up to me

My life was a script of tragedy,
Full of pain and sorrow
She rewrote my life
She turned it into a script of love, happiness and joy

She's the light in the darkness
She's a girl like no other
One that every men would pray for
I guess I'm the luckiest man

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This Poems Story

This poem is an introduction of a novella by Isaiah S. Netsianda titled "She rewrote my life", it talks about he meet this wonderful mysterious lady and how she changed his life