She said

She said I'm sorry I couldn't be there
To love and to hold you
to support your every need
She said baby you're a mother is a crack feind
She said baby this crack is a drug that will lock and entrap your mind
Suffocate your brain of lack of thought
She said when I needed love I fucked every nigga on the block
For drug
The drug was my hope the drug was my friend every time I injected myself with that strange liquid
Never thought for one second I would be blowing my life
A pitiful state without a thought without a trait
Committing suicide before my eyes it was great
Temptations lead me to hate
Drugs lead me to fate
Description of love was pain
That crack was the greatest aspect of my domain
Kill a nigga just for pint just to get up in the vein
Hate me and say I'm crazy
When you was born you was my baby
I started to see in you in what I couldn't see it myself
See baby girl you was a duplicate of me enough so everything that you could be
A doctor , A revolutionary, A painter, A poet
A dreamer ,believer
Cast out my frustration and I tired to be great
But crack too my soul
Before my eyes
baby girl you was alone
In this fuck up world
With nobody to hold you and tell you
You gotta be strong to reject the drugs,pressure
Sustain for sex cause that a addiction

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A mother’s story