She said

"Don't get hurt," she said
As I walked down the stairs
"Don't fall down," she said
As I kneeled down for my prayers

"Don't say anything," she said
So I buried my voice
"Dont show yourself," she said
I never had a choice

"Look at them," she said
Pointing to the screen
"You'll never be like them," she said
Shattering my self esteem

"Why don't you ever talk?," She asked
As I silently stared
"Why dont you ever laugh?," She asked
Like she even cared

"You shouldn't be so weak," she said
When I was barely breathing
"That's not what I taught you," she said
I guess I had gone against her teaching

"You're such a shame," she said
As I left her house
"You two will never make it," she said
Looking at my spouse

Two years later I was told
That she had passed away
They all thought that I was cold
When I said that I won't stay

As I walked through the snow
I realised I wasn't that bad
You see it's not hard to let go
Of someone you never had

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