She Saved Herself

All She ever knew was pain and sadness
The girl who made everyone laugh
Yet dead within her own madness
A troubled mind that called upon her every night
The darkness circled her very sight
The shadow of pain had her chained onto a rock of shame
Waiting for her prince to shatter the strain on her brain
So she could forget all the clutter and pain
He never showed up, instead a line of boys appeared
Shooting off bullets that had her soul in painful tears
Ain't no man alive that could give her back those years
Starring out into the sky for an angel to come in disguise
The answer she was seeking began to unfold its ravishing secret
The hero she was longing for was trapped inside her very heart
The young woman was ready to emerge from that very spark
A fire that started to burn from igniting the magic in the dark
She was free from her insecurities
What had once hurt her now pushed her
From the turmoil and grief to a foundation of belief
The world was asleep as she planned to climb over every defeat
She was the diamond that was rusted for years among the dirt
Shining her glory, she learned to take a stance
The outbursts and eruptions every now and then
Finally saw the calm of the storm streaming eloquently within
At peace with her heart she forgave those who teared her a part
Picking up the missing pieces and learning to mend the broken parts
A little girl smiling upon her newfound image of strong
Shoving down her fears and releasing her old bonds
Every emotion every feeling moving her closer to God
The hero she was in search always lied within herself.

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