She Sits

She sits in the corner crying,
Even though she's supposed to be in a desk
The corner is where she sits.
The corner is where they placed her.
No one can see her tears,
But she knows that they are listening.
Even when she just glances at them,
They all seem to be all ears.
They stare at her with wondering eyes, but yet,
They don't ask her what's wrong.
It's almost as if they expect her to immediately spill,
And tell them about her problems.
But she doesn't trust them,
Because they only want to talk
For their own gossiping pleasures.
So she tries her hardest to hide her pain.
But she's not as strong as they say she is.
They say she's strong enough to fake a smile
Even when she feels like dying inside, but she's not.
She hates being the subject of the gossip mill,
So she hides it. Her parents say, "You'll be okay,"
"You're a lady, hold your head up high."
"Smile even if it's fake. Taterbug, you're a lady"
"You are strong, I believe in you."
When she cries, she feels like she's letting them down.
All because she sits in the corner crying.

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