SHE SOARS THRU THE STORM! As she passes by you walking in the sand. You notice the load she is carrying in her hand. She gives you a quick smile, to hide how she feels inside deep within .She carries her load as hard as it is to smile. She hears a voice within telling her just one more mile. She tries her best to not look like a hot mess in front of others, but its hard and the load is heavy somedays. She pushes herself to keep trying, just one more mile the voice within her says again .She again forces a fake smile but she knows God is leading the way. HE is the voice within reminding her daily she is loved. HE tells her to give her the load she is trying to carry so it will be much lighter. HE is the voice whispering within her telling her just one more mile it will be worth it in the end. She keeps moving foward even when she feels the road is at a bend. She knows if she smiles thru the storm it may encourage others walking that same mile she is walking. When you see her walking by you in the sand. Just know she would'nt be there with out the help from the man with two scarred hands. She is here not by her strength but by the Lord's .She has endured alot of heartaches, and battles along the way. She may look strong but deep within her daily is a battle you can't see with the naked eye , but as she's walking in the sand nearing the bay. You will notice the strength and the faith it took her to get there as GOD led her the way. You may not know her struggles, weaknesses or her battles within ,so dont mistake her smile for having it altogether its far from the truth as the story goes on. For were she is now she did'nt get there on her own she had help from within. So as she nears the bay and the end of her life draws near. She turns her head and looks at you from a distance and says, If GOD be for me nothing can stand against me I shall have no fear. She finishes that last mile strong and endured until the end. She got there by listening to the voice within. She gained her wings and soared like an eagle thru her battles and thru the storms even if everything around her was going wrong. The wind may seem strong. Be like her and smile when you feel like you should frown. Dont let the words of the enemy get you down. For the Lord GOD is your strength, He is the voice within saying just one more mile my child it will be worth it in the end .Keep moving foward even if its hard to do .HE is your strength , and He loves you. HE will get you there so keep your head up and endure till the end . She is with the Lord now because of her faith and obedience to the voice within giving her strength in each mile she walked in the sand. The only way she got near the bay toward the end , Was because Jesus helped her with HIS nailed scared hands. He is our strength just as he was hers in her walk in the sand during her last mile . She gave it her all even if it hurt to smile. WRITTEN BY KARLA MCDOWELL 2/8/21

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