By Shefali   

The hands of the clock are together,
showing it's midnight again.
There's a fleshless soul waiting for me.
Bathing in the moonlight,
she is beckoning me.
But alas, we can now never meet!
I can feel the tender touch of her gentle kiss.
Can hear her heartfelt laughs, coming out
of that window
we used to sit, arms in arms.
I can still feel her heartbeat.
For others she is a burnt body.
But for me,
the ashes are portrayed again,
staring at me.
The ashes are flying with the breeze,
whispering in my ears that she still loves me.
I can see the silver tears in her invisible eyes,
recollecting our wishes,
made to the star, in the sky.
It's all over now!
But still,
I can feel her
Mysterious existence, in her

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Tags : love, deathoflove, alone, mystery, existence, nonexistence

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