She Was One with Her Art

There's an artist who is willing to be brave
There's an artist who dares to make art stories wave
There's an artist who wonders who to show it to
There's an artist who tries to paint endings a pale blue
This artist is not crazy nor is she blind
But she can unravel the beautiful colors in your mind
She draws, paints, and writes the hidden words
She flutters her paint brush like the wings of birds

There are times when her art doesn't go as planned
Or times when she feels her art is bland
But the beauty in it is her pretty happiness
Like the shining stars that see through the sappiness
Her smiles glow as she does what she loves
Even torn down, she continues to strive like a thousand doves

But there's an artist, an artist who continues to frown
There's an artist who envies the happiest parts of the town
There's an artist, she strives with a deep sadness
But throughout the dark and deep emotions,
she continues through the madness
She is broken inside but puts it through her art
For there is an artist,
an artist who will continue to love deep in her heart.

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