She Will Grow

Two simple letters,
forming one simple word
“I said no”
but You didn’t listen,
You never did,
because You wanted it
and therefore, You must have it.
Is that what You were brought up to believe?

He grabbed her
She felt the breath on her neck
like a gust of wind
sending warning for a storm
trembling fingers
clutching tightly
trying to remain stable
Remain calm

but there was no calm
after the storm.
Flooded houses left thousands homeless
People told her
she’d lost her “muchness”
“Give us a smile” they’d say
and through gritted teeth, she did

but the wind continued to blow
making its way into the tiny cracks
that no one sees
but everyone feels
as it hits them —
cold to the bone —
when walking alone on a street at night
or day
and all she wanted to say

Two simple letters,
forming one simple word
and yet, still, you couldn’t understand her
as if you spoke a different language,
and maybe you did.
While you spoke in pride and desire,
She spoke in whispers
that echoed through her people
and reverberated right into their hearts
until her silence grew louder than you,
louder than all of you,
until it wasn’t silence anymore.

It was rain,
drumming on the rooftops
so loud
that no one could ignore it
because it refused to be ignored any longer.

Like a seed, she will grow.
The rain has only just begun

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