She Will Grow

She's been through so much at such a young age
Hurt and abused and filled with rage
Engulfed by the pain
The pain that a little girl should never have to endure
The pain that she never even asked for
Especially by a man whose purpose was to give a guiding hand
To teach her to understand
What a real man is
What a real man is supposed to look like and how he is to love
Yet he chose to do the opposite and to leave her with scars
Scars that fade yet never go away
Marks she would have to see every day
A constant reminder of what she's been through
And how she's been used
By you
Yet somehow she's managed to come through
She's managed to thrive
She's managed to blossom despite being hidden from the sun
"Still I will rise" she declares to everyone
And anyone who is willing to listen
To listen to her cries of victory
Despite all the years of hurt and tragedy
She is a rose
And she understands that now
Even amongst the many weeds
And it continue to show
That she will grow

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