She Wore

She wore her demons
Like wings that made her fly
Hidden by faces of the goddess
The face of her warrior

Through life she glides
Like her wings were never tattered
Hidden by her strength to survive
Effortlessly she makes it seem

Behind dark clouds storms do rage
Lightning strikes and rage burns
But never to be seen
For she must always be the calm Queen

Knives and calls from all sides
Blood and soul ties
That she'll never just let lie
She must always be the knight
That never lets anyone die

Anger is her shield
Essence of love is her face
War is in her soul
But all this she'll never let you never know

She asks for nothing
Discreetly seeing
Silently maneuvering
Ever being

Her darkness is her strength
But also her weakness
For none can see whats inside of me
And yet I still try to see


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