Shedding No Tears & Having No..

Shedding No Tears & Having No Fears

Gave him the boot.
No more free ride.
Now he is forced to commute.
No longer a thorn in my side.
Did you read about what I need?
Have you read the note by the bed?
I said the cat was fed.
My another cat dead.
The stench made my jaw clench.
" I am broke " I mumbled.
The will power,
To save a dollar crumbles.
Through my bag for change I fumble.
" I am starving " I grumbled.
To work & back daily I stumble.
My hungry stomach rumbles.
My paycheck wages are so humble.
Maybe study with a buddy.
It is rude in our room to just intrude.
Even though you had good food.
The teddy bear sat dusty in the chair.
The fat cat sat asleep on the floor mat.
Nobody called or texted to chat.
Loneliness was where it was at.
I sold my gold.
I had to fold.
The cost put us at a loss.
Feeling lost. Dare to care.
Not having a job is unfair.

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