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My lips parted to
Whisper the lines of
Each poem I wrote.
Words rolling elegantly off my tongue
As I reveal the deepest parts of myself.

Read to me,
His blue eyes plead.
I understand you,
His voice cooed as he
Runs his fingers along my thigh,
Providing the warmth I had
Been writing about missing
For so long, the
Heat and intensity
He asked me to read to him
Just moments before.

Moments before his fingertips
No longer traced patterns
Along my tattoos.
Moments before his mouth
Ceased to send shivers
Down my spine.

Moments before I was
Submerged in the ocean he
Created to distance himself from me.

Endless drowning in
What I thought could be
A new passion to
Write for, but
Drowning is the worst way to die and
I was held underneath the
Surface of the water,
Choking on the lies that form the
Waves crashing upon me,
Knocking me off my balance and
Refusing to let me breathe.

Moments away from
Burning the poems
I whispered to him in the
Safety of the night.
Moments away from
Swallowing the never ending
Stream of water that
Traps you beneath him.

As I break the surface and
Gasp for air
I realize
Those words he whispered meant
When he was protected by the
Safety of my vulnerability and the
Noose of my emotions
Handing from my neck.

I practically
Begged him to
Save me.
He kicked the chair
Beneath me and
Watched me
Dangle from the
Rafters of my soul.

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