Shekh ma shieraki anni

If she was the sun,
And he was the moon,
They'll be waltzing all day long.
Sometimes, her eyes are lightning ,
hence the sunshine.
And all of the dark euphoria of hopes
Which he gives, hastily disappears.
In daytime, she is smart;
But at night, she's all owned by the moon again
The Same waltz, slowly changing its roles
One Step back, another one forward
And then she falls
Right around night, he comes again.

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This Poems Story

Its about a woman ( - which is sun) , and a man ( - which is moon) play the game of intimacy and passion with each other. The borders of this relationship are so very clear, all though the woman refuses to see things as they are in reality. she takes all of his beautiful words and adopts them to her heart. In the end, she's no longer part of the game because she fell for him. The moral is that in love there are only two options: either you love and lost, or you love and won. (since she is facing that decision.) Further to that, in love there are no winners or losers, the truth is that you always win. (-i will let you think about the rest)