Shelved at Sea

Broken dreams like a beach of razors
Glass shards numbed by gin and vapors
Suddenly still with the realization
That this puddle is merely condensation
Stuck in a bottle like your personal ship
You yourself pieced together but didn't equip
To imagine life without you
Oh the things we have been through
So I'm earning cirrhosis
To escape diagnosis
Of certain psychosis
This substance abuse
Is no more than proof
That I'm thinking of you
So goodnight my friend
Until I drink again
Because you built me with time
Created yours but you're not mine
You know these sand bars
Stranded beneath the stars
Skipping pebbles with only a cork
Keeping me from the fork
I could use to choose
But tonight I use
The cell that holds me in
To drown myself again
I'll drink until I dream tonight alone
Salty tears and air reminding me I'm not home
I wish I was out there
I remember when I did care
But I know I'm an effigy
Of something that is more than me
I'm the item you preserve
Pickling screaming cells and nerves
Until I sleep again
I still remember when
It didn't hurt to breathe
Look what we can see
I'm choking down another shot
In hopes of dreams but maybe not
For maybe nightmares are what drunks are made of
And maybe addiction is the price of young love
So, don't sleep with me--I only hold tight
To a bottle for comfort and warmth through the night

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