Somewhere between throwing a wink
And not responding to a mild kiss
Dreaming about an encounter with a star
Knowing that a window gaze won’t go afar
Deliberately trying to tame the heart
You know you outlived a beat and killed a wish
You know you let the shooting star ride the blink
You will smell of whisky and me of a mild gin
Bottle that last season’s fragrance into a glass dome
You find a ribbon to present, I’ll call it shenanigans.

Now you are driving our lucky bike
Giggles, perfumes and the sad soft rain
All pass by in a dusty roll of an evening
Remember when the sky was canvas to everything
Yet it chose a net veil of passion and pink
You were caught while I was tested
Against time, choices and a couple of lies wasted
You meant it subtle and I couldn’t take a hint
I laugh to myself how I fancied myself a realist
While I search the meaning to the word -shenanigans.

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