That was a terrible
thundering rainy night.
It has seemed very solitary
as no one was there,
although I love this loneliness,
but that was too harrowing.

The dogs were perhaps
in sleepy mood,
because no body was roaming there.
I was sitting inside my shelter
With my half written story.

Since few days I was awaiting
for such terrible dark night ,
one of a character in my story
named as Shephalika,
and I had to conclude the story.

Shephalika is a night flower
Blooms at night and falls at night
before any one sees it,
an overwhelming scent it has
It is also called Jhara Shephalika.

My casement was still open,
Shephalika became half blossomed
in my front yard.
ohh God ! No no,
Please save her ,
I was praying and crying..

My heart was trembling,
very soon Shephalika became
fully opened and then..
aah !! Shiit.
finally laid down.

I was starting to finish
my half written story,
my pen was vibrating,
diary was wetting with tears,
because I was going to kill
this Shephalika character in this story,
as Shephalika has laid down here...

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