She’s a Delight

Eyes of emerald green lit up in the light
Pink blush on the blank canvas of her face
Lips of a delightful raspberry colour
Made it irresistible to taste
Hair that fell over her shoulders
And shimmered as though it was the night sky
The silk feel fell through the spaces between my fingers
While I ran them through it
Her smile never became tiresome or boring to see
It brought joy to life, and a world of meaning
I strive to see her glowing face
The one that can make my fragile heart race
Her tender hands are an honour to touch
Folding her fingers in with mine
Our bodies feel right when we are together
When our arms are intertwined
She's a pale beauty, indeed she is
And I fall for her over again everyday
To be able to call her mine and to feel her kiss
She's flawless in every way

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