She’s Deep in the Woods

It's where she ran to hide from reality,
It's where she got that special rush.
It's where secrets were hidden so no one could see,
It's where the world went to a hush.

The roots tangled around her soul,
The tree tops SWayed with her thoughts.
With the forest she became whole,
As the wind unwrapped all the knots.

Deep in the woods she releases her spirit,
Pouring her love she dances so free.
Leaving this place she could hardly beare it,
Her eyes grow blue just like the sea.

She hears the singing of every creature,
With every step forward she feels the power.
Everything here has an attractive feature,
She spends all time here from the waking hour.

As the skies come down to kiss the earth,
Water gently pours down onto her skin.
The clouds go dark giving the feeling of rebirth,
As her mouth curves into a grin.

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This Poems Story

I have a passion for the outdoors. I live in a rural area with my mother and two sisters. I lost my father about two years ago, and it was very hard for my family. I'd go for walks and just sit in nature to escape from reality, and I found it helped heal me. So initially pain is what inspired me to write this poem. The outdoors released me from the pain I had in the real world and helped me realize nature isn't just beautiful but powerful as well.