“She’s Just Sad Now”

When my heart stops
That's when you go
The world turns dark
And everything is stone
My life isn't mine
It's now yours to own

But years won't mend my sorrow
I can't live like this
So I pray I die tomorrow
Please don't bring me roses
Save them for my grave
I wasn't strong enough to keep on going
And you know I was never that brave

There's time on my hands
And blood on them too
These debts are mine to bare
And for sure, will be my doom
Too many times I promised to change the things you can't stand
But I fail to prove that I'm better than what I demand

She's just sad now
I'm afraid that's too obvious to most
And today when we look at her
There's nothing there but her shadow and a ghost
So don't stare too much and don't be rude
She's just sad
So please, just let her cry in her room

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