She's not me

Is it bad,
To miss someone you never had?
I guess I should be glad,
That you're happy. But I’m sad.

I know I’m selfish,
And greedy.
I’m needy,
‘Cause I need you with me.

You're already taken,
So I’m forsaken.
Used as a token.
I’m already broken.

I know you're happy,
But can’t you see?
I want you to be happy with me.
Instead, I’m alone crying a sea.

I was there to pick you up,
When you were on your knees.
I cleaned up your wounds,
You never said please.

Patched up your heart,
Piece by piece.
Kept you standing.
Only Wanted you to be happy.

But you chose her.
She avoided and hurt you.
Yet she was the one you loved.
And you said it was true.

What do you want me to be?
A sexy slut?
A great chef?
Someone who barely even cares?

For you I'd change.
Heart, mind, and soul.
I wanna be enough.
Clearly I’m a fool.

But I don't want half,
I want whole.
I’ll change, just to be by your side.
Please don’t leave me alone.

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