She’s Still Mom

Mom was born in the winter of 1924,
with blond hair blue eyes and a smile galore.
She was the second out of six welcomed into her home.
As a tomboy on the farmstead she would roam.
She loved sports and excelled in basketball,
but an emergency surgery put an end to it all.
So she delved into books and wrote poetry and prose.
It was the beginning of a career which gradually rose.
A stint in college she mastered her skills;
her home her priority as she dreamed of windmills.
To school the last of her ten joined the rest.
Mom wrote columns for the news; she knew she was blessed.
During decades of writing many awards she did win.
She put her heart into books her talent the pen.
Many years later she noticed the words starting to fade,
and her family worried about her memory and prayed.
Then came the time when she could not function alone,
and today she is the laughter in the nursing home.
She does not know her children but always gives them a smile.
During her 92 years of life she journeyed every mile.
Her reading has ceased and she can't recite a phrase,
but we remember what she had accomplished and we are amazed.
She once conforted her children as their problems would vary.
Mom is now content as she rocks her baby doll Mary.

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