She’s Stronger

She's stronger than you
With her frail arms and petite figure,
With her pale skin and bold eyes,
With her plump lips and thin fingers.

People pity her, with her withered look
Of someone who's been thrown away
One too many times.
Oh, but don't be fooled
Because she's stronger than you.

She wakes up every morning
With courage seeping through her veins.
She faces her tormentors of many years
With a smile planted firmly on her face
And walks on:

Past the boys who hate her non-existent curves.
Past the girls who laugh at her lack of attention.
Past the teachers who scold her for her shyness.
They don't bother her.

They don't crush her strength.
They can't put fear in her eyes.
They dare not try to knock her down,
For she is stronger than them!

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