Shimmering Tomb

cool and high crazy waves
hit wooden feeble boat of
poet fisherman named "shark"

very frightened moon
hid its foggy visage
behind the thick clouds

in that dark night
clamorous sea desired
a new share of immolator life
afterwards "Shark" shifted
his last vigor to paddles

hot drops of sweat
with cold waves whip
brought ominous signals like
crawling sense in his mind
spreading death whisper

The other side of wavy sea
far from the battle scene of
waves and boat, was seen
shimmering lighthouse

ambiguous voices were heard
like a chorus from inside
threnody vague sounds

a moment later prevailed
deadly silence in the midst of
roaring shore waves, then
politely knocking the door

one sprite uttered the others
our guest arrived in
his great poetry talent adds to
thriving of this shimmering tomb

come in dear "Shark"
welcome to haunted lighthouse

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haunted lighthouse