In the beginning there's laughter and play
As a kid you look forward to each day
The reality of growing up comes way too fast
And the things that really matter are all in the past
Let kids be kids, laugh, play and sing
All the expensive toys don't mean a thing
Give your loved ones a big hug and kiss
When they are gone that's what you'll miss
So be grateful for each day we have here on earth
Realizing that each of us has a purpose from birth
We worship outer beauty and material possessions
Getting more and more becomes our obsession
We think that if you're 'famous' or rich that 'you've made it'
Losing ourselves in that endless pit
You can't fill the emptiness you feel inside
Wanting to be noticed but trying to hide
So next time you look in the mirror or someone else's eyes
Take off the mask you wear as a disguise
See the inner beauty that shines on its own
For goodness sake put down your phone
No selfies here, no bragging rights
Just aha moments and rest filled nights
Feel the peace of just knowing
You're on the right path and everything's flowing

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