Shine Beside Me

I waste my time and watch the news.
Breaking stories designed to keep the viewer confused,
And distracted.
I need to be proactive!
The real story happens behind the scenes…
A progression of life through positive means.
I never had to look for my voice.
Staying silent is not a choice!
It is not so simple as black and white;
There in lies the fight.
Humanity is a rainbow,
Every color needed to maintain the flow.
I have had enough so raise my eyes to the sky…
So many choices for whom to ask why.
I see fingers pointing to no avail;
I'm all, abandon ship, I'll blaze my own trail!
Maybe you think my little rhyme here is cheesy...
To accept what is different should be easy.
Take a step back, for a different perspective,
A radiant view becomes blinding when reflected.
My point here, friend, is we aren't here to judge;
Our own insecurities no more held as a grudge,
Against our neighbor.
Unacceptable behavior!
This is how I let my frustration go….
One final thought before I end my flow.
You are your own color your opinion free to be had!
To be free and shine bright is to stifle no fellow, man.

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