It all started with a notebook
She had to come up with some fool’s gold
Life was so scary
She desperately missed the shine of the Sun
She just wanted to bury herself in bed covers
But she felt so vulnerable there too
She stayed up for days
Until she passed out in a daze
The night terrors were too much
She’d rather turn her brain into mush
Functioning with such a broken organ was really tough
The rescue was like God picked hers up out of the trash
Becoming a new person in the dead of the night
Wow, what a beautiful life
To have nothing and then to feel something
To want to die and then be saved
The experience is hard to describe
God brought her back from the dead
To tell the World anyone can do the same
Wake up as a child of the Universe, for it is spring
It all starts with the Universe’s love for you as a creation
Now get outside beautiful child of the Universe and shine
And she will do the same

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