Shining Stars

I sit and watch,
As Mr. Sunshine slowly runs away from me.
And Farther,
Until he is no longer present,
And is replaced by a pool of darkness.
But the world is not completely dark,
Because starts parade throughout the sky,
And shine brighter than a flaming fire.
I sit back in my rocker,
And gaze up,
At the gleaming, glowing world around me.
Hundreds of stars stare back at me
With twinkles in their eyes,
And some even wink at me.
And through a smile as big as the sky,
I wink back.
Although they are millions of miles away,
And I will never be able to grasp them in my hands,
Those stars,
My friends,
Will always be there for me,
And will light the way,
For those who need to get out of the dark.

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