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Shining Through

No more of these dark clouds of fog and gloom, surely not the best of California to offer i assume.
I'd rather have a chance to see the Sunlight than stand here and take it like a nuisance.
Friends, my day have finally come, it's my time to shine through.
And shine i will, i will even sing my way out of here if i have to!
Never again i shall wait on you my friend.
Following your old ways, when you know it does you no good.
I shall wait no more for your sad empty promises.
This is my time to finally shine through.
This is my year i do believe.
From here i'm going anywhere, to follow my breakthrough.
I gotta go...i gotta jet.
From Georgia to the Sunshine State.
Then to the runway, my Paris trip awaits.
I'm finally happy because i'm shining.
From there to Manhattan, then a night in Queens.
I feel so full of the Sun, i just might stay awake until dawn.
Tanned and ready, my flight to London awaits.
Now i know what it feels like to fly, flying high like on eagles wings.
I'm flying!
Because i'm so happy, and shining.
I'm flying higher than the eagles fly!
Finally through it all, it's my time to shine.

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    They say when you're happy you shine like the Sun. Because others can see it too.